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Professional Services billable on a per hour basis include the deployment of company-wide IT workloads that are not user-centric e.g., tenant-wide file migration to SharePoint/ SharePoint Online, Teams direct routing, Azure deployments, etc.

MUST BE SCOPED: This service allows admins to manage and store information about resources from a network, as well as application data, in a distributed database, Centralized resources and security administration, Single logon for access to global resources & Simplified resource location.
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The professional services offered are for and on behalf of the partner(s) to the partner(s) end users, i.e.,the partner is procuring the services from Epsidon Cloud. 
(i) The scope of work is limited to a specified timeline and the agreed service fees. Any payments due must be paid on the payment date, notwithstanding any corresponding payments that the Customer is entitled to from its end user and/or any third party.
ii) The delivery methodology of these professional services encompasses 4 key elements: Discover, Design, Deployment and Knowledge Transfer
(iii) The Professional Services shall be performed remotely
(iv) Out of scope services need to be defined and highlighted on the SoW document.
(v) Any assumptions on the professional service deliverables should be indicated on the SoW document
(vi) The project manager will be a resource from the partner and will be responsible for project updates and progress tracking. 
(vii) The partner shall be responsible for responding / communicating with the Customer and/or end-user within 24-hour periods after a clarification or query related to this implementation is sent on email, other than weekends and Holidays.
(viii) Acceptance Criteria is defined as contractor completion of all defined scope of work and deliverables, and end user acknowledgement that such Deliverables are completed and accepted as such.
(ix) When change control is initiated, Service Provider, Customer and end user may agree to revise the SOW and Services Provider and/or Customer will provide the end user with an estimate of the impact of such revisions on the fees, payment terms, delivery schedule and other applicable provisions of the SOW. If the parties mutually agree to such changes, a written description of the agreed change (“Change Authorization”) will be prepared using the agreed form and signed by all parties, where applicable.

Legal - First Distribution


The licensing / workloads needs to be purchased and available in order to activate the services

Sope of work needs to be defined for these services, approved, and signed off by the partner, and subsequently the end user.

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